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class descriptions.

In each class, expect a combination of functional fitness, developmental movement patterns, and somatic practices to be included to ensure your body and mind are fully prepared at a nervous system level for the class you are about to experience. Lessons are methodically composed and delivered in a clean, clear manner with a wee bit of dry humor when possible. You are always encouraged to honor how you are feeling at the time of the class. You are welcomed to customize the experience as you deem necessary. All classes include a variety of equipment and approaches to consistently and continuously keep your body and mind engaged with the class. Please give yourself permission in these classes to celebrate the beauty of movement in a lighthearted and energetic way that allows you to walk proudly through the rest of your day. Please note these descriptions are of all classes I can teach and likely include descriptions not currently on my regular schedule.


In an all-levels yoga class, you will be encouraged to discover new pathways and micro-movements within your personal practice. Expect a methodically timed class that allows space for self-study by exploring postures and breath.

In power yoga, expect a playful environment of creative sequences focused on strengthening the body. Be prepared to try new things with pops of skill building in-between flowing through movement. Each class ends with slow and finishing sequences to challenge the body in various ways throughout our practice.

In flow yoga, you can expect a steady build up to a long, flowing sequence that moves the body through a full range of motion. Each class consists of several sequences built through a lens of functional movement, experiential anatomy, and somatic practices. 

My 75-minute power flow yoga class is one of my favorites to teach! We heat things up in the first 40-minutes with strength based sequences then we ride all that heat we build for the last 35-minutes with full body flows that include bigger movement and deeper stretches. 

Yin yoga classes are composed of approximately a dozen postures that can seamlessly be strung together. All yin classes start with self-regulation practices and a gentle, flow based warm-up to prepare the mind and body. You are encouraged to explore micro movements as a way to help the body and mind settle.


In barre classic, expect a steady paced, whole body workout utilizing ballet techniques with yoga and pilates exercises. This class is rooted in traditional ballet training. Each class begins with a floor barre to prepare the body fully for upright movement at the barre.

Barre sculpt, fuses the fundamentals of ballet conditioning with strength endurance based approaches for a total body workout. This class includes greater repetition which allows participants to easily adjust exercises to their level.

Barre HIIT combines high intensity interval training with ballet based movement sure to get your heat rate up and keep you on your toes. High and low impact options are offered in each class along with a final series as many reps as possible of exercises for a complete workout.


In pilates, you can expect an expertly crafted workout designed for maximizing your efforts and improving your body's efficiency. This contemporary style of pilates includes various equipment and movements borrowed from other disciplines such as yoga, barre, and dance training. You will find yourself gracefully moving through innovative exercises that honor the roots of this training method.

high intensity interval training (hiit).

In HIIT classes, expect a lot of variety that bounces between foundational fitness movements and creative new patterns to keep your body guessing. Classes include some resistance or weight training for low-intensity and active recovery from those cardio bursts.   

dance fitness.

Dance fitness classes combine contemporary, social and urban dance styles with exhilarating tunes to get your heart rate up and your body moving. Every class begins with a warm-up full of basic movements and instructional cues to ease into the class structure. This is followed by a lot of dancing! Each class ends with stretching and a cool down dance. This class is guaranteed to to make you sweat on the dance floor.

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