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visual arts & crafts.

I've been working with polymer clay, paint, and any other materials I could get my hands on since I was old enough to stand at an easel. I was introduced to polymer clay around the age of 8 and it has been a staple in my visual arts world ever since. When I went to college I wanted to continue creating visual work so I always dedicated a corner of my dorm room or tiny studio apartment to my art and crafting. It wasn't a lot of space, but it was always enough to keep working. In 2006, I made it into an Etsy shop (which has now been relocated here). Having time in my life to create visual art has always been an indicator that my work-life balance is harmonious. With the pandemic, I found myself returning to my visual art practices much more frequently as a coping mechanism and at this point I'm quite literally running out of space. So, enjoy shopping around my Cozy Craft Corner.    

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