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When I was in grade school, I started walking the neighbor's dogs daily at a well above minimum wage hourly rate. When I was 15, my parents told me I had to get a real job. And, based on that dog walking business I had, I was like, "ew, no." So I started a dance school that ran each summer of my high school career. During the school year, I would baby-sit, pet-sit, dog-walk, and sell my arts and crafts at local festivals. In college, I moved my arts products to an online Etsy shop called, Cozy Craft Corner. I wish I had realized at this point I was a successful, female, serial entrepreneur...but I didn't and I traded my freelancing, entrepreneurial spirit for consistent income and benefits. I am now taking some wisdom from my teenage self ('cause "real jobs" are 'ew') and returning to being my own boss. In 2016, I founded Grey Box Collective. GBC is an interdisciplinary performance group that creates original work around social and emotional topics such as sexual violence, mental health, and  personal identity development. I'll be starting more companies in the near future. Stay tuned.

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