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6-Months: July - December

Join Molly W. Schenck for the six-month Trauma-Informed Creative Practices Group Mentorship Program is ideal for educators, creatives, and leaders who are interested in learning how to navigate stress, trauma, and burnout in their organizations through embodying a trauma-informed lens in their creative and professional practices. 

This six month group coaching includes:

  • 2 Monthly meetings, 2-hours each

  • Monthly 1:1 meetings with Molly, 1-hour each 

  • Access to over a dozen replays of TICP workshops

The group mentorship will focus on building a strong foundational knowledge of the intersection of trauma and creativity as well as emphasizing how to apply this to classrooms, rehearsals, and organizations as a whole. The group meetings will address common themes and needs among the group and the 1:1 meetings are dedicated time to look at the specific needs of how participants are applying this work in their professional lives.

Who this is for? Who it is not?

The total investment for this Trauma-Informed Creative Practices Group Mentorship is $2100 (or six payments of $350)

Trauma-Informed Creative Practices Group Mentorship

Want to know more about Molly's approach to this work?

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