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Title: Gestures on Gestures

Size: 32 inches by 48 inches

Medium: ink on newsprint paper on IKEA coffee table top

Description: "This one has a long story (15 years in the making) and is the most sentimental piece I've created recently - possibly ever. In high school, my art teacher had me listen to the music I would perform to in dance recitals and paint the dance through gestures work in ink on newsprint paper - I think it was an effort to break my perfectionist tendencies. I created nearly 100 studies using this technique. When I was visiting Mum this past year, we rediscovered this giant stack of gesture ink paintings and I wanted to create something new from them. The result, was using my old gesture ink drawings of dance recital choreography to sculpt a new 3-D gesture inspired by a short dance phrase I recently taught. It's a 15 year journey of dance captured on paper, with paper, and secured to the largest surface I could easily find; an old coffee table."



*how you choose to hang this work is an act of collaboration between the artist and you*

*hanging hardware not included*

*note: colors in real life may be different than the photo and the paper used in this work will likely continue to age over the coming years.

Gestures on Gestures on Coffee table top

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