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If you are interested in collaborating or hosting workshops or events, please contact me directly.

Offerings: open, public, group events. Currently remote.  


MAY 11, 5-7pm PST: In this two-hour guided movement practice exploring states of our nervous system, participants can expect to be guided through movements to warm-up the body and mind then explore six autonomic states of our nervous system based on polyvagal theory. This workshop will include time for discussion and processing the movement experience. The intention of this drop-in course is to gain an appreciation for the autonomic nervous system responses through movement.

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 MAY 23-24, 4:30-7p PST: A two-day online workshop exploring the intersection of trauma & creativity in the arts and education. Over two day, participants will be introduced to the Trauma-Informed Creative Practices method as it can be applied in educational and artistic settings. The workshop will look at theories of trauma, approaches to creativity, how the two topics juxtapose and support each other, and how to apply this work.


STARTS JUNE 14th at 5pm PST: The Simply Soma Series focuses on how movement can be a catalyst for transforming mental and physical health. This series guides participants through a four phase program developed to strengthen the mind-body connection and discover the roadmaps for unlocking an individual’s full potential. The four phase approach of Reset, Restart, Reignite, and Refresh will be discussed in both practical application and with the underlying methodology so participants are fully equipped to take this work into their lives well beyond the series.

Services: one-on-one consulting, education, training, and therapy. Currently remote. More information available here or contact Molly directly for more service related options.