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somatic movement therapy/education and bodymind personal training.

Simply Soma Method combines somatice movement education/therapy and bodymind personal training and focuses on designing a movement-based approach for working through your personal and professional goals. Over the twelve weeks, we’ll collaboratively create body-based plans designed to support how you want to move through life.

How does it work?

  • We start with the mind which informs the body based work that ultimately can shift your mental state.

  • This carefully scaffolded program for your neuromuscular skeletal system is broken into four phases: reset, restart, reignite, and refresh.

    • Phase I, RESET, is about laying a solid foundation the rest of the work can be built upon. We focused on strengthening your mind body connection to ensure we maximize our work together.

    • Phase II, RESTART, is about developing a baseline regimen that is sustainable and supports you in your day-to-day life.

    • Phase III, REIGNITE, is my favorite. Here, we work to discover the extremes of your movement regimen that allows you to make substantial shifts in your mental and physical health.

    • Phase IV, REFRESH, focuses on solidifying the previous work and preparing for the conclusion of the program so you leave the 12 weeks feeling that you have to tools and practices to sustain the way you wish to move through life.  

  • We meet once a week for one hour for 12-weeks, you'll have plans to follow in-between sessions, and can we can exchange emails in-between sessions to make sure your questions are answered. ​

What can I expect in each session?

  • Each session include a combination of movement, dialogue, and educational nuggets.

  • Movement intensity can range from little things like eye movement and breath patterns to larger multi-planar strength and power moves.

  • Depending on the work that you wish to focus on and personal learning preferences, our work together may feel like one-on-one coaching, counseling, guided meditation/mindfulness, yoga, or personal training sessions.

How was this program developed?

  • This program was heavily informed by Polyvagal theory, NASM’s optimal performance training model, educational psychology and behavior change models and theories as well as my lifelong experiences as a dancer, physical theater performer, yoga/group fitness instructor, and dance/movement educator. 

Who is this program best for?

  • This program is designed for individuals 18+ who are interested in maximizing their movement to improve their overall wellbeing.

  • It is best suited for folx who are open to new, innovative and holistic approaches to taking care of their mind and body.

  • Ideal for those working through chronic conditions, stress, trauma, and burnout.

  • Individuals who can commit to regular, weekly sessions for 12 weeks (*note we can double up or skip a week if needed, but all sessions should be completed within six months to experience the greatest impact)

  • It is not suited for individuals who are in the midst of a crisis, experienced a recent acute injury, or are seeking diagnosis.

  • There is a family plan option for up to 2 parents and up to 2 children (ages 3-12) that focuses on movement sequences suited for youth and adults to calm nervous systems with fundamental movement patterning that meets the needs of multiple family members. 

  • Teens 13-17 who are interested in this program, please contact Molly directly to discuss options.

What inspired this program?

  • I left a 10+ year career in higher education and the fitness industry because my mental and physical health were at a breaking point and I knew I needed dramatic change in order to heal. I had been in chronic physical pain for years which was destroying to my mental health. I had tried working with multiple health and medical professionals and was frustrated at how each one could only address parts of me and not my whole being. So, determined to manage my mental health struggles and get out of pain, I developed a protocol for my whole self. Within three weeks, all of my mental health struggles were gone and within three months I was out of pain. I continued to work with health and medical professions for treatments I could not do on my own, but the daily work based on the protocols I created allows me to sustain these changes and support my on-going healing. 

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