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There are four options for individuals looking for 1:1 work. Those are: single sessions, a 10-session package, a half-day intensive, or a 3-month investment. Session may be in-person or virtual. Details of each of these below.

30-Minute Coaching

Limited time offer for Summer 2024!

These brief sessions are great to address really specific present concerns that you want to focus on (ex. sleep habit, nervous system regulation, stress). Excellent option if you want to immediately embrace somatic movement practices. Also a great option for anyone who's taken a class/workshop with Molly and wants to integrate that work further.

$90 per session

90-Minute Session

Want to see if somatics is a good fit for you? 

This is ideal for those who are new to somatics and curious to see if this approach and Molly's philosophy meets your needs. A single 90-minute session will include a dynamic mix of dialogue, movement, and integration of the bodymind.

$270 per session

10-Session Package

Ready to start a regular somatics practice?

The 10-session package is best for those who are ready to fold somatics into their mental and physical health journey. Excellent choice for those who work with other physical or mental health practitioners and plan to utilize somatics as a compliment to other modalities. Each session is 90-minutes. Package is valid for 12 months.

$2400 investment

Half-Day Intensive

Have a specific goal you want to focus on?

A half-day intensive is a great choice for leaders and go-getters who are ready to utilize somatics as a transformative catalyst in their personal or professional lives. Ideal option for entrepreneurs and freelancers ready to take an embodied leadership approach; professionals looking to transition careers; or any individual looking to somatically strategize through a pivot in their lives. This half-day intensive includes a brief discovery call and all materials generated during the session will be made available to the individual. This includes a recording of the session if done virtually.

$1200 investment

3-Month Investment

Desiring a deep dive in your somatic journey?

A 3-month investment in your somatic journey is a commitment to engaging in regular somatic work both in session and between sessions. This option is ideal for those ready to dive into a regular practice of somatics in daily life. This option can compliment other work with physical and mental health practitioners. This option includes 12-hours of sessions to be set up in a time configuration that works for the individual; communication with Molly in-between sessions, and a private, personalized webpage that houses all notes, videos, and additional material to support you on your journey. This focused work must be completed within 6 months of purchase. Payment plan is available.

$3900 investment

Want to know more about Molly's approach to this work?

Have questions? Schedule a time to chat with Molly

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