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Here you can find testimonials speaking to working with Molly 1:1, workshop experiences, and artistic body of work. Most feedback prompts include asking 'what did you value most?'

Working with Molly 1:1

- "I made more connections and progress in one session with Molly than I have in months of talk therapy." 

- "Since working with Molly, I can allow an even more profound sense of stability in myself, and know that in my healing process, I know where to attune to within the space that is my physicality. Especially in the sensing of my form, knowing why I am using the language I am using to place myself in the story of my life."

- "Molly’s work resulted in founding/finding the support network within my body - to concretely know where I am moving from in my leadership - not only in how I reach out to others in a physical sense, yet from a deeper point of contact within myself."

Workshop Experiences: Dance the Autonomic Color Wheel (replay available here)

- "Amazing movement/ theory integration: we were moving the theory and theorizing upon the movement. Excellent choice of music as well"

- "Exploring all the states of the nervous system in accepting ways helped me find creativity and motivation in fight-flight"

- "I definitely slept afterwards and I was able to bring it to my own practice as well"

Workshop Experiences: Trauma-Informed Creative Practices

- "I loved learning new self-regulating tools and I very much appreciated the whole person approach which included mind, body, sound, movement, self-reflection, and time to process. I stay mostly in my head with ideas and theories, so combining my thought and pattern-connecting with body and group collaboration was really good for me and helped me integrate the info."

- "I found my nursing brain wanted a measurable goal and skill but my artist brain was happy for the experience and exposure so this is the place where I will be thinking about the  connection."

Workshop Experiences: Trauma-Informed Training for Individuals & Organizations

- "I liked looking at the pillars of white supremacy and how they manifest in business. I also really liked understanding of compassion v empathy when holding space with others."

- "I really liked the understanding of patterns within spaces and dynamics of language"

" Thoughtful tips for approaching difficult conversations / anchoring"

- "The understanding and explanation of stress holistically - especially the three different theories and how they relate. I also really liked the coloring book and thinking your methods are very useful in the classroom/education center."

- "The theories and models for the window of tolerance helped me put words and a framework to feelings."

- "The breakdown of what is actually happening to the body in these responses"

Artistic body of work / creative collaborations:

- "A creative oasis in the desert of AZ, [Grey Box Collective] is doing the most difficult work admits a faltering economy."

- "Molly's built something amazing and authentic with Grey Box Collective."

- "Molly is a lovely human and the space she provides for us is necessary for the change we need to positively impact our community."

- "Molly, is who/what I value most about Grey Box Collective because of the impact that has been made to serve a community, the example of leadership and entrepreneur mindset. Seeds flourish because people like Molly water them."

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